Jan 25 2015

Good lord, is that a D double sharp?

Okay, I know I’m getting a tad behind here, and I rather figured that would happen. But before I do anything else (you know, like just Beer-Lao out with a diverse and fun group of TCKs) I have to share two things from dinner last night.

First, dinner was excellent and the company superb. Wine selection: not so much. But then: Beer Lao. And why the hell would you want anything else?!

So anyhoo, I have to share our evening entertainment, or at least the parts that I’m willing to share.

This gentleman was on-stage when we first arrived, singing a rather interesting assortment of western pop music:

[ ]

[ ]

Are you with me? Right. In the interest of maintaining decent relations with our Lao hosts, I just can’t post the video that I shot that might have accompanied this. It’s a small world, and at heart I’m a fairly nice person. Suffice to say that we spent significant time arguing about whether the following scene came from “Good Morning, Vietnam” or “Air America”.


Howard Turner won: it’s from “Air America.” And seemingly, the Vientiane entertainment tradition continues.

And then there was this, which requires no words from me here:


  1. Karen Mygil

    Spent the past hour catching up on your experiences. Relishing them through your eyes. Keep it coming. PS: it is nearly 2:30am and I am now seriously craving pho. Thanks a lot….


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