Dec 11 2015

Favourites-Thép Thavonsouk

Buddhist monks in June rain

June Rain XXIV | Oil on Canvas | 35″ x 45″ | 2004

My paintings grow out of silence;
a dreamlike morphology suggesting tranquility and
a sense of spirituality as figures dissolve
into landscape.

The fleeting passage of their quiet moments seen
on my canvas and rice paper shines the light
on the immensity of our universe and
the insignificance of human beings.

Thép Thavonsouk’s work takes me home to Laos: its serene and gentle surroundings, saffron-robed monks, and delicious, warm rain. Mr. Thavonsouk was born in Vientiane, Laos, and educated at the Lycée de Vientiane. He was the first Fulbright Scholar from Laos, and he studied at St. Lawrence University in New York State.

Mr. Thavonsouk may be contacted through his agent here.


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