Feb 11 2015

Please allow me to introduce myself

Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Kim Westlake-Life, and I’m a Global Nomad.

I’m 54 at this writing, happy, healthy, and living in San Diego. I was born in Newport Beach, California, but I know bupkis about my hometown. I know grandma’s house → beach → grandma’s house. I left California when I was three to traipse the globe (late ex-step-father with the Agency for International Development: Vientiane, Laos; Taipei, Taiwan; Bangkok, Thailand; Saigon, Vietnam; Accra, Ghana; Monrovia, Liberia. Later, Kinshasa, Zaire, France, and sort-of England.

I’m now a pharmaceutical lawyer with my own practice and companion to five cats (IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!) and two horses.

I garden, read (a lot—I don’t get television, but that’s a blog topic for later), work (and work and work), and ride. I make jewellery, but seldom wear it anymore, so I give it away. I also knit, but since moving to outer San Diego, somehow have not been that inspired to knit much!

Most importantly, I try to have fun in whatever I do. I am chronically cheerful, and I laugh frequently and often inappropriately. After so many years living in developing countries, I am acutely aware that any day I don’t have to walk a mile for a glass of water is a good one.

It’s working for me so far.


I'd love your input and comments!